Download Genes Orthologs by Taxa Group

Download Gene Orthologs by Taxa Group

Workflow Walkthrough

  1. Navigate to the Download Gene Orthologs by Taxa Group tool in the Form Bio Toolbox.
  2. In the Gene space, provide the official gene symbol for the gene to download.
  3. image
  4. In the Taxon Group space, select the taxon you wish to search - either mammals, marsupials, avian, plants, or vertebrates.
  5. image
  6. Take a moment to review workflow inputs and parameters. When satisfied, click Submit to start your tool run.

Results Walkthrough

  1. After pressing submit, a new tab will open while the analysis is being performed. You can leave this tab open and wait one to three minutes for the run to finish, or you can close this tab and view results later.
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  3. If viewing results later, click Toolbox and then Results to view all tool runs. After finding yours, click on it to view a summary of your analysis.
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  5. The run will allow you to download the input file, output file, or both.