Transform Annotation File

Easily convert between GFF3 and GTF2 files

Transform Annotation File

Workflow Walkthrough

  1. Navigate to the Transform Annotation File tool in the Form Bio Toolbox.
  2. Select whether you are converting a GFF3 to a GTF2, or vice versa, from the dropdown box.
  3. image
  4. Upload the file you wish to be converted by clicking on Select File. This will bring you to the file explorer.
  5. image
  6. Once you have selected a file, review your workflow inputs. When ready to submit your tool run, click Submit in the bottom corner.
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Results Walkthrough

  1. After clicking Submit, you will be automatically redirected to a new tab while your file is created. You can choose to leave this tab open and wait, or come back later. Your run will be accessible via the Toolbox Result tab.
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  3. To navigate to your Toolbox run, first select “Toolbox” and then “Results” on the left sidebar. From here, you can see a list of previous tool runs. When your run has finished loading, click on the run to view the summary and output file.
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  5. On this tab, you can download the input and output files for your conversion. You can also choose to download both by clicking “Download All Files” in the bottom corner.
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