Form Data Transfer

Launch Form Data Transfer to transfer data from Box, DropBox, or Google Drive to the Form Bio platform.

The Form Data Transfer tool can be used to transfer files from a user’s cloud-based data storage to the From Bio platform. Form Data Transfer incorporates Rclone to manage access to files stored in the cloud. Use this tool to transfer compatible data files from Box, DropBox, or Google Drive.

Form Bench Walkthrough

  1. Navigate to the Form Data Transfer tab in the Form Bench launcher.
  2. To launch a Form Data Transfer instance, you must provide the following fields. Default values (where provided) are suitable for most use-cases.
    1. Name: Provide a name for your instance.
    2. Session Duration: Determine how long your session will run for.
    3. image
  3. Open a browser window and log into your Box account, DropBox account, or Google Drive.
  4. Install RClone on your computer:
    1. On Windows, RClone can be installed using Windows package manager (Wignet) - https://rclone.org/install/#windows
    2. ‘Script Installation’ method is recommended on Linux, MacOS - https://rclone.org/install/#script-installation
  5. Open a command window
  6. Run ‘rclone authorize box’ and follow the instructions.
    1. Run ‘rclone authorize dropbox’ if using DropBox, or ‘rclone authorize drive’ if using Google Drive.
    2. image
    3. Copy the JSON token string from the command line. It will be used later in step 8.
      1. For example, it will look something like this: {"access_token":"7vnKRaYPncpvXaaSZqXcEdABCcC82HAn","token_type":"bearer","refresh_token":"1UWHvT06JTJOoh9YyEOIGHtajFgoXYvrY9lKhk6BwIjlwh5lIpQWEGkOOxbWyQXU","expiry":"2023-12-08T14:51:01.033697-08:00"}
  7. Navigate to the Form Data Transfer tab in the Form Bench launcher and launch a session.
  8. Once the session has launched, click on ‘Configs’ on the left side and then click ‘Create a New Config’.
  9. image
  10. Name the config and then select ‘box’ if using Box, ‘DropBox’ if using DropBox, or ‘drive’ if using Google Drive. Click next.
  11. image
  12. Leave all fields empty. Select the ‘Edit Advanced Options’ checkbox at the bottom. Click next.
  13. image
  14. Paste the JSON token string (from the command line, see step 4) into the first field, ‘Auth Access Token as a JSON blob’. This step is the same whether you’re using Box, DropBox, or Google Drive. The rest of the fields do not need to be modified. Click next.
  15. image
  16. Click on ‘+’ on the right and enter the name of your Box config (see step 7). Click open. This loads your Box (or DropBox or Google Drive) files.
  17. image
  18. Drag and drop any files between the two sources.

Error Handling

  • When running a Form Data Transfer instance for the first time, there is a possibility that you may be prompted to sign in to an account. No sign in is required, click “Login” without filling in any of the credentials.
  • Ignore any error messages shown during the configuration, such as this one. If you come across an error such as this one, ignore it and click on ‘Explorer’ to continue.
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