Launch sangeranalyzeR, an R package that provides fast, flexible, and reproducible workflows for assembling your Sanger sequencing data into contigs

Form Bench Walkthrough

  1. Navigate to the sangeranalyzeR tab in the Form Bench launcher
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  3. To launch a sangeranalyzeR instance, you must provide the following fields. Default values (where provided) are suitable for most use-cases.
    1. Name: Provide a name for your instance.
    2. Input Folder: Provide the input folder containing your Sanger sequencing data
    3. Forward Read Suffix: Provide a regex query which will identify forward read files within the folder
    4. Reverse Read Suffix: Provide a regex query which will identify reverse read files within the folder
    5. Session Duration: Determine how long your session will run for.
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  4. When ready to begin, click Launch.

Results Walkthrough

  1. After pressing Launch, you’ll be prompted to wait a few minutes for the virtual machine to initialize. When ready, click on your instance in the Activity tab to launch your instance.
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  3. Further information about SangerAnalyzeR may be found in the documentation here.