Query Pattern by Line

Return all lines of a sequence matching a query pattern

Query Pattern by Line

Workflow Walkthrough

  1. Navigate to the Query Pattern by Line tool in the Form Bio Toolbox.
  2. First, select whether you wish to search a file or search a text sequence.
  3. image
  4. Upload your file to search or paste your text sequence in the provided box
  5. image
  6. Finally, provide the query pattern to search for. The input data will be searched via regular expression, or RegEx. More information on RegEx can be found at https://regexr.com/.
  7. image
  8. Take a moment to review inputs and parameters. When ready to submit your tool run, click “Submit.

Results Walkthrough

  1. After submitting, you’ll automatically be redirected to a new tab, where your tool run will appear. It will take one to three minutes for your tool run to finish. You can leave the tab open and wait, or close the tab and view your run later in the Toolbox Results tab.
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  3. The Toolbox Results tab will show all completed toolbox runs. Click on your run to view the results of the analysis and the query output file.
  4. image
  5. Here, you can see a preview of your output files, which contain only lines that match the input query sequence as determined via RegEx. You can choose to download this output file and/or the input file.
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