Bring Your Own Form Bench App

Bring Your Own Form Bench App

Creating a Form Bench app

Now organization admins/owner can go to Form Bench tab, and click “Create New” to create a new formbench app. It has to be a container.

See for field details


Updating an app

Choose the app to edit, you will be brought to a page similar to creating app page without the ability to modify app id.

See for field details



App details


Unique id for your app. It is unique within organization. ID must start with a letter, and only has digits, letters and “_”, “-”.

Display Name

Human friendly display name of the app.


Description of the app

App Type

Currently apps are divided into 5 types:

  • jupyter (enabled)
  • rshiny
  • rstudio

Reason for this field is that for some apps, especially jupyter apps, our backend need to add some run options for it to run properly and we don’t want to expose everything to the user.

Also it will be used to determine the app access.

Container details


Name and tag of the container you want to use. In the format of org/container:tag Default tag is latest. Currently we only support pulling pulling public containers from docker hub.


The port of your app

Mount Point

The mount point of your container.


Entry point command. If provided, will override the entry point of the container


Parameters you need to run the container properly. Usually it is everything after your container name in a docker run command.

Environment Variables

Provide all your environment variables in a string, separate them using space.



User to run the container.

App access and visibility

Currently we have two types of app, one is “exploration”, like Rstudio, JupyterLab. They have “rw” access. The other is “visualization”, like rshiny apps, they have “ro” access.

By default, byo apps can only be used within the organization unless its visibility is set to “PUBLIC”.

Who can manage/use BYO Form Bench apps


Organization owner and admins can create, update, delete apps.


By default, all projects in the organization will be able to access the organization byo apps and all public apps. But different project roles have different access.

Table below shows which role can launch which app.

Organization visibility
Public visibility
RW access
project admin
project admin
RO access
project admin
project admin, project editor, project viewer

GPU support

Currently support Nvidia T4, L4 and P100. When you enable GPU, 1 GPU will be used.