Roles and Permissions

Roles and Permissions

Project and Organization Roles

Users can be members of Projects and/or Organizations.

Organization Roles:


Each organization only has a single Owner; they are able to perform all the actions an Admin or Member can do plus:

  • View billing account & metrics
  • Modify billing account
  • First User of Organization
  • Change Organization Name
  • Remove Members from Organization


  • Invite Members to Organization
  • Change Member Permission Types
  • Remove Admins from Organization
  • Delete organization
  • View Org Settings
  • Create Projects
  • Can Delete any Projects
  • Edit Project Names / Descriptions


  • Can View all Projects they belong to
  • Can View all other members of an organization

Project Roles:

Admin / Organization Owner

Can do everything an Editor and Viewer can do as well as:

User Administration

  • Add others to Projects
  • Invite external users to Projects
  • Remove Users from Projects
  • Change User-Type in Projects


  • Delete any completed Workflow Run
  • Cancel any Workflow Runs
  • Retry any Workflow Runs

File Management

  • Can Delete Project Files /Folders


Can do everything a Viewer can do as well as:


  • Run Workflows
  • Upload Workflows
  • Delete user-run completed Workflows Run
  • Cancel user-run Workflow Runs
  • Retry user-run Workflow Runs

File Management

  • Can Create Files /Folders
  • Can Upload Files /Folders
  • Can Edit Files /Folders
  • Can Delete Workflow output Files /Folders
  • Can View Files /Folders in File Manager
  • Can Move Files/Folders
  • Can Download Files/Folders
  • Can Rename Files / Folders


User Administration

  • View Users in Projects

Project Interaction

  • Switch between Project(s)
  • View Project(s)


  • View Workflows Run
  • Read Workflow Runs (WF: Selection, Activity, Analysis)

File Management

  • Can View Files /Folders in Workflow Output Files

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