Data Management

Data Management

Adding Data to Projects

Upload from Local Source

1. Select a Project in your Organization

Select a project in your organization.


2. Click on “Files” in the left navigation bar


3. Select Folder from File Tree or Click “New Folder” in upper right


Name Folder and click “Create”

4. Click “Add Files” to upload data to Selected Folder


Common External Data Sources

Download Short-Read Archive (SRA), Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO), or Recount3 data from their respective databases, files from URL, or gene sequences.

External Data

Transferring large amounts of data

The Form Data Transfer tool can be used to transfer files from a user’s cloud-based data storage to the From Bio platform. Form Data Transfer incorporates Rclone to manage access to files stored in the cloud. Use this tool to transfer compatible data files from Box, DropBox, or Google Drive.

Form Data Transfer